About Laser Body Sculpting

Gorgeous Cells = Gorgeous Selves

We shouldn't need to sacrifice our long term health for short term beauty!

We're a small, client-centered, woman owned clinic. We belive that getting to a healthy level of body fat and staying there is a skill set that can be learned. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and skills you need to reach your goals. To inspire you to become an active participant in creating long-term and sustainable good health, from your fat cells and beyond!


Our Core Values Of Care

Innovative Treatment


We provide fat loss treatments using the patented, non-invasive Zerona Z6 cold laser. It's an innovative and gentle laser technology that doesn't harm our body.

It's more thoroughly researched than any other body contouring device on the market.

Co-Creating Health

High Fives

Unhealthy levels of fat mean that our body is having trouble regulating fat. Health is an inside job! 

It’s our mission to empower our clients with the strategies and skill sets they need to create health for themselves, no matter where they're starting in their journey.

Fat Cell Support


Our fat cells are important for our overall health. They're not our enemy!

We believe that healthy fat loss depends on healthy fat cells. When we take care of our cells, they’ll take care of us.


Who Is Laser Body Sculpting?

Dr Nyn Headshot 2 Cropped.jpg

Dr Nyn Tomkins

Founder - Clinical Director

Nyn is passionate about helping people take their health into their own hands. She is a chiropractor and was born and raised in Brantford. She's excited to bring the Zerona Z6 laser, as well as her holistic approach, to her home town.

She's particularly interested in guiding people to achieve a healthy level of fat in their bodies. The way we look is intimately connected to how we feel. Balancing our fat is vital to overall health. Her approach is natural, holistic and gentle. Nyn spends her off work hours outside in the woods, gardening, reading, meditating and enjoying time with family and friends.

Lauren O'Neill

Manager - Laser Technician

Lauren has an educational background in Biology and a career based in customer and client service. Her passion for supporting women and families in finding their inner strength led her to train as a doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, and to obtain a degree in Psychology, which she is currently completing at Wilfrid Laurier University.

She is excited to offer the gentle, holistic fat loss approach of Zerona Z6 to help people feel like themselves again, to regain the confidence
that will positively enhance multiple areas of their lives. Born and raised in Brantford, and a mother of 2, she enjoys music, movies, reading,  cooking, creating, and spending time in nature with her girls.

Eden Headshot.jpg

Eden Kerr

Medical Aesthetician - Laser Technician

Eden is a graduate from the International Beauty Institute with a passion for finding the balance between health and beauty. She specializes in skin modalities such as high frequency, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser/light therapy.

She's excited to be working with the Zerona Z6, because it coincides with her own personal values about health and wellness, while still delivering amazing results for her clients. 

Eden loves helping people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, and achieving it with healthy lifestyle changes. We spend our entire lives in our bodies. Why not make it a healthy body!? One that we can love when we look in the mirror, that allows us to do the activities we enjoy, and that will continue to support us throughout our lives.