A Bit About How Zerona Z6 Works

You might be surprised to know that fat cells are vital to your body's healthy, daily function.

Those troublesome cells that many of us struggle to lose by spending hours at the gym and days dieting, are actually important pieces of our overall health and functioning. Sometimes, our fat cells become enlarged, a challenge that Zerona Z6 can solve without harming them.

We Have A Different Take On Fat Cells

We've been taught to view our fat cells as an enemy, robbing us of our youthfulness and self-confidence. To get rid of this enemy, many choose to undergo procedures that kill fat cells – procedures like liposuction or fat-freezing techniques. Despite how convincing this might seem, cutting edge research into fat cell function shows that destroying fat cells doesn't lead to effective long-term weight loss. In fact, it could actually be counterproductive, leading to fat cells becoming larger and new fat cells growing in other areas of the body.


The Importance of Fat Cells

Below is a series of photos taken using a scanning electron microscope of fat cells shrinking and releasing fat as they undergo Zerona Z6 treatment.


Why Fat Cells Are So Important

Current research reveals that our fat cells are far more complex and dynamic than we thought. They perform a variety of important functions for us. Perhaps most importantly is that our fat is a hormonal organ that supports our bodies to maintain a healthy level of fat.

Fat tissue also helps us to:

Regulate metabolism

Support immune function

Produce hormones and proteins

Assist liver in processing fat and toxins

Why Enlarged Fat Cells Are Harmful

The fat cells' ability to regulate a healthy level of fat can become imbalanced when fat cells are enlarged. This can cause the liver to be less efficient, muscles struggle to use glucose for energy, and more fat gets stored; leading to body wide dysfunction.

Zerona Z6 treatments help to bring the fat cell back to a healthy size. This cell-reset will improve all of your fat cells' major functions, and help you drop inches!


Zerona Z6 Can Help

Start treating your fat as an organ, not as an enemy! With all the vital functions our fat cells perform for us, cutting out, freezing or heating our fat cells to death is not the answer.

Zerona Z6 cold laser safely and gently creates a temporary pore in your fat cells, allowing them to release their fatty content into the space outside your cells. From there the body takes the fat into your lymphatic system for processing or removal from the body. The fat cells remain intact and can now begin to act and function like healthy, lean cells again!