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Don’t Let Habits Hold You Back: C’s Story

Meet C, a 28-year-old bartender. She’s no stranger to feeling challenged by her weight. In 2018, she was fed up with being over 200 lbs and decided to do something about it. She consistently added daily movement to her life and adopted a ketogenic diet. From these efforts she lost 34 pounds. A wonderful accomplishment!

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Even so, C says she had some days where “it was a struggle to face my naked self in the mirror.” Now, after working with us, she tells us she is “parading around the house in my bra and underwear, checking myself out in all the mirrors and windows, for which my partner has expressed his forever thanks.”

C’s Journey:

The Short Story


  • To foster her drive to continue with a healthier lifestyle. By seeing results, she felt it would motivate her even further

  • To reduce the number of inches around her waist


  • Her treatment schedule took place over Christmas break, when it can be hard to stick to healthy habits

  • She drinks alcohol and smokes tobacco daily, both of which can interfere with the body’s ability to process and eliminate fat


  • Outlined healthy habits to support fat loss with the Zerona laser

  • Underwent 12 treatments, 2 times a week for 6 weeks. All 6 laser diodes were focused on 360 degrees of her waist

  • Took a nutritional supplement once daily


  • 7.25 inches lost around her waist

  • 6 pounds lost

  • 1.6% body fat reduction

The Long Story

C had no known medical conditions and wasn’t on any medications. Prior to coming into our clinic she had already implemented a consistent exercise routine and a ketogenic diet (high in healthy fat) for about sixteen months. She credits those two things with helping her lose 34 pounds: from 210 pounds to 176 pounds!

She had the habit of walking 40 minutes to and from work almost everyday. C drank plenty of water throughout the day. She woke every morning to a cup of coffee. She smoked up to a pack of cigarettes per day. A huge part of her life — professionally and socially — was alcohol. She had been having one to three drinks every night for the last 15 years.

C had already put in a lot of energy and dedication towards feeling better in her body. But she was unable to get all the way to her goal, which was to lose that last 20 pounds. She hoped that seeing and feeling the decrease in her waist size from our work with the Zerona laser would increase her motivation to make more changes to her lifestyle.

We suggested that C undergo a series of 12 Zerona laser treatments, twice a week for six weeks. At each of her treatments we focused all six laser diodes 360 degrees around her waist. We also sat with C and made some additional habit recommendations to further support her body during treatments. Her nutrition, movement and water habits were all great. We had her switch to decaf coffee and take a nutritional supplement once per day. But the biggest challenge for C was our suggestion that she stop drinking alcohol during her treatment protocol. We emphasized that she would have to find a way to do that if she wanted to get the most out of our work together.

Understandably, C was nervous to give up the habit that had become associated with relaxation and socialization over the past 15 years, but once she understood how much it would affect her goals, she made the decision to cut out alcohol for the duration of her treatments.

Alcohol interferes with our ability to process and eliminate fat in two main ways. Primarily, alcohol is a toxin. When we drink, our body — particularly our liver — prioritizes dealing with this toxin, putting aside other tasks like processing and eliminating the fat released with the Zerona laser. Secondly, our bodies convert alcohol into sugar. When we eat and drink things that are high in sugar, our body prioritizes using sugar for energy. It also focuses on getting the sugar out of our bloodstream and funneling it into our cells. When our bodies are busy with these tasks, they aren’t able to focus on processing the fat we release with the Zerona laser.

Two weeks into being alcohol free, C reflected that she no longer feels like she needs a drink, she has more energy and is more productive. She was getting great results! Three and a half weeks into treatments she exclaimed, “I bought new jeans! I’m now a size 10” (she was previously size 12). She expressed interest in getting a personal trainer with the goal to “get firmer and get my butt back!”


7.25 inches lost from her waist!

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 3.5 inches in her upper abdomen

  • 1.75 inches around her waist

  • 2 inches in her lower abdomen


176 lbs 170 lbs

39% body fat 37.4% body fat

C was elated with her results, incredibly excited about the habit changes she made, and feeling more confident. We checked in with C four months after her last session. Here’s what she had to say:

C’s 4 Month Update

  • She lost an additional 5 pounds since working with us and has been able to maintain her weight at 165 pounds (halfway to her goal of losing 20 pounds!)

  • She reduced her cigarette intake

  • She still has a drink every now and then, but much less than 1-3 drinks per day

“To those that want to work with Laser Body Sculpting, but are hesitant about giving up alcohol, I would say please just go for it! I was (if I am honest) having a drink after work almost every day and thought giving this up was impossible. However, as soon as you do, you will feel like a million bucks! Seriously, I have way more energy and productivity. I never felt better in my life, than in those 3 weeks that I was alcohol free.

I can't wait until the day I am able to come back and see the girls at Laser Body Sculpting! This was an amazing experience, and showed me a new confidence in myself I didn't even know I had! That was the most amazing thing I could have gotten out of this. I'm continuing to rock it!”


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