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What Does A Treatment Look Like?

Each treatment takes 40 minutes. During that time most people will read, meditate or even take a nap!

You'll lie down on our comfortable massage table in your undergarments or bikini/shorts. There should be no clothing between the laser light and your skin. We'll place each of the six laser diodes above your skin. The red lasers will be turned on and your treatment will begin. You won't feel anything during the treatments. It's completely pain-free and there's no recovery time, so you can get right back to your day.

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Treatments

This is not a magic pill. You'll be asked to adopt some healthy habits in order to lose as many inches as possible. These habits are designed to do two things:

  • Increase the flow of lymphatic fluid in your body  — so your body can move the fat from the space around your fat cells to detox centers for elimination

  • Decrease the work your liver has to do  — so it and the rest of your body can focus on eliminating fat

For the duration of your treatments you'll be asked to:

  • Drink plenty of clean, filtered water

  • Move your body every day

  • Eat natural, whole foods, while avoiding processed foods

  • Reduce/eliminate alcohol and caffeine


Tracking Results

We don't guess at the inches you've lost. We track your results in a number of ways.

Before you start treatments we measure the body circumference of your areas of greatest concern, weight you and take a set of photos (from the neck to the mid thigh). We repeat these same measures 3-7 days after your last treatment. You walk away at the end knowing exactly how many inches you've lost!

Zerona Z6 leads to actual fat loss, not water weight. So long as you stick to a relatively healthy lifestyle, results are permanent.


How To Get Started

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Free 20 Minute Consultation

Still have questions? We offer Free 20 Minute Consultations. We're happy to give you all the information you need to make a decision about whether Zerona is right for you.

Schedule a Free Consultation online by clicking the button below. Or you can call or text us.


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