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What Does Working With Us Look Like?

Maintaining a healthy level of fat in our bodies in no easy task. And there's no quick fix. It requires active participation to consistently choose healthy habits that support cellular health.

We can further support and enhance the health of our fat cells by using Zerona Z6 laser treatments alongside specific healthy habits. 

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What Is A Zerona Laser Treatment Like?

Each Zerona treatment takes 40 minutes. During that time most people will read, meditate or even take a nap!

You'll lie down on our comfortable massage table in your undergarments or bikini/shorts. There should be no clothing between the laser light and your skin. We'll place each of the six laser diodes above your skin. The red lasers will be turned on and your treatment will begin.

You won't feel anything during the treatments. It's completely pain-free and there's no recovery time, so you can get right back to your day.



We provide cutting edge Zerona Z6 cold laser fat loss treatments, alongside proven lifestyle changes and principles. So you can release stubborn fat and keep it off for good!

We work with motivated people who realize that their health is their most valuable asset and are willing to work for it! Click here to learn more


If you're a person who's TRULY committed to taking back your vitality and your body, we would be a great fit to work together and achieve your goals!

Simply schedule a free consultation through our online scheduler, or text/call (226) 458-5328