Plus Size Model

Working With Laser Body Sculpting Includes:

  • Your Zerona Laser Treatments

  • Guidance and coaching during your treatments. We want you to release as much fat as you can! We'll share some basic things that you can do to get the most out of your treatments

  • Access to our online, work at your own pace course, packed full of up-to-date and effective ways you can keep the fat that you've released off for good

  • Access to any bonus trainings or content we release in the future


Practically Speaking ...

Laser Body Sculpting Is Designed For People Who:

  • Feel stuck or plateaued in their weight loss journey

  • Unable to lose fat in certain areas despite eating well and exercising

  • Want to help themselves lose unhealthy fat but don't know where to start

  • Feel fed-Up, frustrated, and tired of weight loss gimmicks

  • Don't like the idea of killing their fat cells & want a better, more hollistic approach

  • Want a way to support the healthy lifestyle changes they've already made

  • Have that last 5 to 20 lbs they can't seem to lose no matter what!

  • Have 20+ lbs to lose and want a way to support their fat cells while making specific, effective lifestyle changes

We're Not For People Who:

  • Want a quick fix or a miracle cure (there's no such thing)

  • Don't want to make lifestyle changes or be an active participant in their health

  • Happy with their current body fat

  • People who are pregnant or breastfeeding. But we're happy to serve you when you're done!

  • Have active cancer

  • Have an open wound at the site of treatment

  • Are photosensitive (a side effect of some prescription medications)


The number of treatments you'll need to reach your goals will depend on a few different things. 

At your free Discovery call a member of our team will outline what you'll need to reach your goals.

Payment Plans & Financing Options Are Available


Most Popular Packages

Customized options of more or less treatments are available


8 treatments



12 treatments
1 free treatment



18 treatments
2 Free treatments


Prices do not include HST

To get started or to find out if working with us is right for you, schedule your free 20 minute discovery call